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One of the biggest strengths of our product is the ability to tailor each building to each clients particular needs. For clients who are especially handy, we can provide the building as a 'bare bones - walls & roof only', which allows clients the freedom to use their own local materials to close off the end walls themselves in whatever style they prefer. For clients who want a more complete solution, we can provide many optional accessories, including the custom end walls, pre-framed openings for doors & windows, roof mounted light panels, fiberglass insulation, non-permanent base mount system, even sliding doors available in just about any size!

While our building is considered economical in comparison with other building methods, we do encourage clients to fully research what will be involved for their particular application. For clients who intend to fully finish their interiors, we have many options available to help the process along. Our fiberglass insulation is one of our more popular add-on accessories. a 4"" or 6"" thick fiberglass blanket system is supplied pre-cut to your particular size requirement, with a heavy duty flexible polymer liner that protects the insulation and doubles as a vapor retarded. Our proprietary connector systems simple thread onto the exposed bolts that hold the building together. The insulation then simply rolls over top of the connector pins and is secured in place with the provided cap. The second most popular alternative is to to use spray foam insulation. Though both systems have their advantages, fiberglass is typically priced at less than 1/2 the price of spray-on insulation.

When a customer contacts us for a consultation on their building needs, a friendly building consultant will work with the client to determine the ideal style, size & configuration to suit the client's needs while also satisfying the state & county design criteria (snow, wind, seismic) for the area that client advises they intend to erect the building. Once the client settles on a final design, we secure a small engineering deposit and submit the design to engineering. Each drawing is prepared site specific for each client, detailing not only the size and all elevations, but also the foundation requirements applicable to the state codes. Each drawing is then certified for the wind, snow & seismic requirements and wet-sealed by a licensed engineer and hard copies are sent by overnight courier. Our engineering team is very diligent to ensure that our design complies with the applicable federal, state/provincial and country design criteria. It is the clients responsibility to confirm that their local building by-laws, as well as confirming their own individual property does not have limitations that would prevent their ability to get a permit, prior to contracting us to undertake the engineering work. Unfortunately cases like this sometimes come up where the client neglects to confirm suitability ahead of time, only to find out after the engineering work is completed that the property is designated a heritage site. In good faith we agreed to a mutually acceptable financial resolution.

Future Buildings would advise anyone who is considering building a structure of any style or size, to contact their appropriate governing bodies before they begin the shopping process. Having the knowledge of the requirements, limitations and various regulations will not only make the client better informed to make a good purchasing decision, it will also empower the client to ensure they get what they need the first time around and avoid any unexpected surprises. For any client who is unsure how to reach their local building official, clients are encouraged to contact or toll free 1-800-668-5111 and one of our knowledgeable building consultants will to happy to offer advice.

***, don't buy. bought a 25x50 "on sale" of course, cause all their bldgs seem to be cancellations or on some sort of bargain.

was forced to buy their plans at US.$550, just for the Bldg permit dept to tell me they're no good get new ones. Mine went $25k over budget. These bldgs are totally useless, unless ur looking for a drive shed or hay barn. High pressure tactics should tell you right there.

Try insulating these, adding doors, wiring, everything will cost you 3-5 times more than a reg wood frame bldg. 3 days to put up Ha more like 3 months. and don't forget to rent a scissor lift cause you won't be able to put it up without it. Overhead "garage" door Ha that was fun.

Lighting etc everything has to be hung from extended Nuts (nut included) and treaded rods also not include (not that I expected these but they sure don't tell you about stuff like this. Insulation, you only have one choice - spray! ~$6000 vice $2000 for standard pink insulation, then you have to cover it for fire protection (so how do you install gypsum board on a curved surface with no studs or nailing. Well easy solution........

you have to buy a $5000 fire retardant spray to cover it all.

where are we at $20k, lets add wiring on a wavy wall, all have to be in conduits, hung or drill more holes in your building to clamp them. I have so many things hanging from the structure I'm afraid it'll collapse, these are definitely no workshop material.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

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