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From time to time when we have discounted inventory, we will often work with a client to help out with shipping costs by finding a shipment headed their way and combining the delivery to save the client money. In this case the client was unable to take delivery immediately due to poor weather (March in Pennsylvania). He requested that we wait until May to deliver the building so the weather would be warmer and he would be better prepared for a large truck on his property. We ultimately were able to accommodate the clients request in the interest of making sure the delivery went as smoothly as possible.

One of the biggest strengths of our product is the ability to tailor each building to each clients particular needs. For clients who are especially handy, we can provide the building as a 'bare bones - walls & roof only', which allows clients the freedom to use their own local materials to close off the endwalls themselves in whatever style they prefer. For clients who want a more complete solution, we can provide many optional accessories, including the custom end walls, pre-framed openings for doors & windows, roof mounted light panels, fibreglass insulation, non-permanent base mount system, even sliding doors available in just about any size!

Our order forms are very detailed, and fully outline each item that is included in the purchase price. Once the order form is submitted, we have a customer care specialist contact the client to further verify the details of the order and go over the delivery process. Once the customer confirms that all the details are correct our engineers prepare 3 sets of engineered drawings certifying the building complies with the state/provincial and federal design criteria for the site address provided by the client.

Once the requested delivery month arrives, our dispatch team will make contact with the client to advise of potential delivery dates based on when a shipment is scheduled for that area. Our dispatchers will again review the order details with the client to confirm everything, as well as to verify the amount owing on delivery if any. Upon arrival, our truck driver will present the client with a detailed waybill with an itemized list of everything that is included with the shipment, and ask the client to inspect the materials to ensure everything is accounted for. In addition, we provide a shortage and defect reporting period of an additional 60 days following delivery [double the industry standard] in case anything was missed during the initial inspection. In the unlikely event of a shortage on delivery, or a damaged component, we encourage clients to call our delivery hotline as soon as possible at 1-800-387-2343 so we can verify the shortage and remedy the situation in a timely fashion.


We will replace any item that was purchased from us, but which was not loaded for delivery or which was defective in material or workmanship. In order to qualify for this warranty, said shortage or defect must be documented in writing on our Bill of Lading and/or reported to us within sixty (60) days of delivery. In the event of nonconformance with the above warranty, we shall produce the replacement components within a reasonable period of time and deliver them to the original delivery location using a method of delivery of our own selection at no charge to our customer.
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Company scammed my father into paying over $1400 for a deposit on a shed that was leftover from another that bailed on the sale so they wanted it out of their warehouse for a "discounted" price. After extreme must do it now sales tactics my dad agreed.

2.5months later and 2.5 weeks after it was supposed to be delivered they called to setup a delivery date. At this point my father realized that the building does not come with a door or the base plates required to set it up, that of course the sales person omitted. And after all of this he decided to cancel the order. This cost the company no money, they did not ship, they did not make a custom building and according to them it was lying around from a cancelled order.

So they stole over $1400 at no cost to them, when they did not fulfil their commitnet by taking 2.5 months to even try and ship the product. If the building was in stock and did not ship for 2-3 months, right there is a reason for cancellation. This company is a scam and I will be seeking legal action against them if possible. There is no reason for a $1400 deposit if the product is sitting around hoping to be sold.

Its almost like they were waiting for my dad to cancel so they could scam someone else with their fraudulent sales pitch. A business model should not mirror sales tactics of time share sales.

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Do you reside in the United States? I filed complaints with two of our home States offices and also a complaint with Ontario's consumer office (where future steel is located).

I was successful at receiving a full refund!

I fought them and it took work but I was successful at getting back $4500 deposit in full.

Without court action, just consumer agency help. I could see if I could provide any help to others.

This company is unethical.Yes, we also were sucked into the magical cancelled building from their warehouse!


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